Buying a pool is an exciting prospect, but don’t forget to follow these six steps as you begin the purchasing process.

1. Ask how your pool and spa will give you what you’d most enjoy.
From a relaxing oasis to a place to play, the process begins with what you want. Small or lavish, modest or flamboyant, think not just about the pool itself, but the environment that meets your needs, suits your lifestyle and counts most when you’re slipping into the water.

2. Consider affordability.
How much will you invest in your pool and spa? Your costs will depend on elements such as size, additions, water features, screen enclosure, heater (gas, electric or solar) and deck or patio design. The cost of owning a pool is determined by more than just size, shape and materials, so remember to consider such factors as quality of workmanship and design, underground strength, ease of maintenance, warranty and service.

3. Think about the ideal pool type that will meet your needs, budget and setting.
What size and shape are best? What materials will work? What’s your budget for buying, installing and creating the most enticing setting? Consult your APSP member professional for solutions and options that answer every need.

4. Consider equipment and other options.
Will you want fresh water, salt water or another medium? Should my pool be heated? What kind of equipment will keep the water sparkling and my energy needs low? A good pump is essential, so ask about energy efficiency, capacity, quiet operation, warranty and, of course, price. Which filter is best? From sand to diatomaceous earth (D.E.) to cartridges, your APSP member professional can help you sort out the best equipment options and solutions for your needs.

5. Decide where your pool should go.
There’s a size, shape and type of pool for almost any environment. Speak with an APSP member professional to discover all the available poolscapes and water features — and the best place to put them. From landscaping to lavish decking, from outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to cascading waterfalls, there are countless — affordable — ways to make your pool an inviting addition to your home.

6. Find the right professional.
Qualified APSP member professionals are on your side, answering your questions accurately and serving your
needs with quality performance, skill, professionalism and reliability. APSP-certified professionals also have
demonstrated their commitment to enhanced education and an adherence to a stringent code of ethics.
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