You’ve already discovered the joy a pool can bring to your life, and now you’re curious what you can do to enhance the value and entertainment it brings to your home and family.

Great news: There are a host of renovations available to help you breath new life into your pool. Even better news: Renovations can be done over a period of time to suit any budget large or small.

Here are five pool renovations you can consider now or down the road.

1. Resurfacing Your Pool

If your pool’s surface is showing its age with cracks, blisters or discoloration, its may be time to consider a resurfacing project. You can choose traditional plaster or get more creative with other materials. Fiberglass can last longer than concrete or plaster, is smoother and is available in a variety of colors. As potentially more expensive options, you could also choose an aggregate finish (a mixture of plaster with quartz or marble) or tiling. Your pool professional can help you identify the right surface materials for your backyard and your budget.

2. Adding or Updating Tile

If your pool has outdated or broken stone or pebble finishes at the waterline, consider giving it a facelift with a modern tile design. If you’re moving forward with a larger resurfacing project, consider going all out with a beautiful decorative tile application on the bottom of your pool or on the steps leading into your pool. From tiles in virtually any color to detailed mosaic designs, the sky is your limit. Your pool professional can point you in the right direction.

3. Changing the Design of Your Pool Deck

An updated pool deck can transform the entire look of your outdoor space. If your pool deck is cracked, faded or just dated, consider resurfacing it. You can choose from any number of beautiful styles, from natural stone to custom acrylic. Don’t focus on the aesthetic alone — also think about practical matters like colors or materials that won’t heat up as quickly and materials that are comfortable for bare feet.

4. Adding a Water Feature

Water features can be dynamic additions that give any pool a dramatic makeover. Consider adding a waterfall that cascades water over a rock or stone wall, deck jets that deliver streams of water into the pool from the deck, or fountains flowing from large decorative jars or planters.

5. Installing LED Lighting

If your pool currently uses traditional incandescent lights, swapping out with LED lights can provide cost savings. These alternatives are longer lasting and energy efficient. On top of that, LED lights provide the utmost in color versatility. Options are available to provide colorful lighting accents in and around the water, or lighting that is soft and serene.

Check out even more ideas for improving your backyard pool.

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