Ask these questions when having your hot tub serviced:


    1. Is your company licensed, insured and bonded?
    2. What APSP certifications do your employees hold?
    3. Do your employees participate in annual continuing education? Are employees educated on current energy-efficient technology and products?
    4. Are your technicians APSP certified and certified by manufacturers to work on or with individual products?
    5. Is your company an official and authorized warranty service center for the products it sells?
    6. Do you work on existing equipment that was not installed by your company?
    7. How will I know that the employee has tested the water and made adjustments?
    8. Are your employees uniformed? How will I recognize them to be employees?
    9. Will your company install equipment that I buy online? Will any equipment or products bought online be covered by a warranty?
    10. Will employees dispose of waste products off-site?

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