Are you buying a pool? Be prepared when you visit your local pool professional by asking these questions.

  1. What are the steps in the process of designing a swimming pool? How do you work with your clients to help them achieve the right design?
  2. Are you and/or your employees APSP certified?
  3. Is your company educated on the latest energy-efficient technology and products?
  4. Does your company pull all the necessary permits for the work to be performed?
  5. What licenses does your company hold and how do they relate to the swimming pool industry?
  6. Does your company adhere to industry best practices and APSP/ANSI standards?
  7. Do your technicians have certifications from manufacturers for individual products and are you authorized by manufacturers to provide warranty service on various products?
  8. What are your insurance limits and do you provide proof of insurance?
  9. How are warranty claims handled?
  10. Who will provide service and support after your work is complete?

When it’s time to buy, make sure you’re working with a pool professional who is experienced, has passed a rigorous exam, regularly continues their education and has pledged to uphold a code of ethics.


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