You’ve created your perfect backyard oasis. There’s just one thing left: ensuring privacy.

Whether you plan to use your backyard pool and spa for personal R&R, to reconnect with your significant other or for family fun time, you might want a secluded space hidden away from nosy neighbors.

There is no limit to the ways you can increase the privacy of your backyard oasis. Talk to your pool or spa professional about the best options for your yard. You can incorporate privacy measures during construction or after — it’s never to late to make improvements.

But for now, get inspired with these ideas!

Privacy Screens

A privacy screen around your pool or spa can offer additional privacy beyond your backyard fence. You can find a variety of materials to complement the design of your home, from bamboo to iron to hardwood.


Wood or vinyl lattices around your pool or spa area also can provide an extra layer of privacy. Options range from very ornate designs to simple ones. For even more seclusion, you can add climbing vines to your lattice.


Depending on the style of your backyard and house, you could opt for curtain panels around your pool area or spa. You can hang curtains from a porch or pergola, or build a custom unit with seating.


Landscaping on its own can be your chosen privacy measure — one that doesn’t require a lot of construction. Consider shrubs that grow in tight, condense form; tall potted plants; layers of trees and plants; or even cacti. Make sure to choose greenery that is right for your weather and seasons.

Check out additional ways to improve your backyard pool or spa.

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