Your backyard pool area is the seat of your summertime empire. Once you have the swimming pool, the hard part is over. What remains is to build a world around your pool, one that will fully utilize and enhance your investment and take your pool season to the next level.


There are countless ways to add some bling to your backyard pool — some simple, some exorbitantly complex and expensive. With the right guidance and investment, however, anyone can perfect the art of the poolside for under $5,000.


The beauty of patio furniture is that, unlike indoor furniture, even the nicer pieces are relatively cheap. Department and hardware stores sell an endless variety of patio furniture for every space and budget, so plan out the general outline of your space before shopping.

Regardless of the specifics, a few basics are necessary for every space. At least one large table, complete with umbrella, is a must. The table will be the main venue for food and drinks, while the umbrella will provide vitally important shade.

Besides that, arrange smaller pieces into separate groups that can be thought of as little islands of socialization. A few low chairs circled around an end table, a bench, a lounge chair or two; all of these extra pieces will create defined spaces conducive to conversation and all-around good times. They also allow different guests to seek more intimacy away from the main body of the party.

Suggested price range: $400 – $1,500

The Grill

There’s no pool party without a grill. The first decision to make is whether to choose charcoal or propane.

Charcoal has the benefit of imparting a more rustic flavor and being just generally more impressive. It’s also labor-intensive and requires some skill in budgeting time. Propane grills, on the other hand, are quick, easy and ready to use at the turn of a knob. They’re also pricier. Charcoal grills suitable for feeding parties of 10 or more don’t need to cost more than $200, though the most elaborate can be priced much higher. Propane grills will cost at least $200 for the your basic setup, but can range into the thousands depending on size, and what bells and whistles your prefer.

We recommend choosing a grill based on your cooking tendencies. If you’re a simple burger and dogs guy, spend less on the grill and save your cash for other improvements; the frozen patties will taste the same. If, however, you’re a foodie, spend commensurately with the quality of ingredients and the intensity of effort you’re willing to put in. The hand-molded Wagyu burgers that you’ve seasoned to a precise balance of flavors will thank you for it.

Suggested price range: $50 – $1,000


Two kinds of lighting should be tastefully combined in every poolside situation: solar and tiki. One requires no more than aesthetically pleasing placement and sunshine. The other requires fuel and common sense safety measures.

Line the edge of the pool and any high-traffic walkways with solar lights. Their gentle radiance is one of the best ways to define the various spaces in your pool area, illuminate paths, and generally make the place safer and more beautiful.

For a more dramatic and romantic effect, tiki torches are the only way to go. Only use them on the outside perimeter of the pool area, spacing them 6 to 10 feet apart. Above all, make sure the torches are not close to anything flammable, bearing in mind the possibilities of wind and human traffic. It’s not an overstatement to say that on a dark summer night, torches make any pool area otherworldly, exotic and enchanting.

Suggested price range: $50 – $150

Investing in what surrounds the pool is almost as important as investing in the pool itself. Simple, tasteful measures can go a very long way towards realizing the full potential of your space. Not to do so would be nothing less than a disservice to yourself and everyone who enjoys your slice of paradise. So, go forth and beautify.

Once your backyard is complete, find ideas for the perfect pool party.

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