Today, the number of pool lighting options seems endless thanks to new technologies and the growing popularity of resort-like pool features.

Sure, you can always opt for standard incandescent lights that have a low initial cost of installation. But they won’t provide cost savings over time — or the added drama and bling that can come with some of the more modern options.

Up the ambiance of your backyard pool with these five trends in outdoor pool lighting.

1. LEDs

LED lights offer a longer-lasting, cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lights. On top of all the practical reasons to choose LED, they also provide the utmost in color versatility. Options are available to provide colorful lighting accents in and around the water, or lighting that is soft and serene.

2. Uplights

Increasingly pool owners are incorporating uplighting — lights that are placed at ground level and shine upward — to highlight focal points in their backyard. Uplights can illuminate fences, walls, trees or plants to deliver enhanced drama and depth.

3. Floating Lights

Lights that float on the water are becoming increasingly popular as a way to complement more traditional lighting and provide an element of fun and whimsy. Options abound from colorful floating LEDs to fountain lights to flower petal lights.

4. Gas Torches

Gas torches can add a dramatic, decorative element to any backyard pool — and even act as a bug repellant. These open flame torches use either liquid propane or natural gas to emit light, and are available in both mounted and freestanding designs.

5. Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are another way to add drama to your backyard pool. Options are available that burn natural gas, propane, ethanol or wood, depending on your preference. Bowls are also available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and in modern, traditional and rustic looks.

If you find yourself in the dark when it comes to pool lighting, your pool professional can help you navigate the choices.

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