Hot tub maintenance doesn’t have to be mystery. Here are answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to maintaining a hot tub or spa.


Why do I need a filter for my hot tub?

Filters in spas and hot tubs remove oils and other contaminants from bathers and protect the expensive components of your hot tub or spa.

There are four main elements in an effective cartridge filtration system:

  • Core: maximizes filtration by enhancing the flow of water and saving wear and tear on the pump
  • Filtration fabric: provides a physical barrier between contaminants and the water in your hot tub
  • Bands: provide stability for the pleats and enhances water flow through the fabric
  • End caps: provide structural stability and increase durability and anti-microbal end caps inhibit the growth of bacteria

A properly maintained filter will reduce the pressure in a spa’s filtration system, keep water flowing smoothly and reduce the wear and tear on all equipment in the system.

How often should I replace my filter?

Filters should be replaced every three to six months depending on how often you clean them and frequency of hot tub usage.

Extend the life of your filter by:

  • Maintaining proper water chemistry
  • Never using a stiff brush
  • Alternating between two sets of cartridges when cleaning

What is the best procedure for filter maintenance?

Filter cartridges are similar to shoes: They last longer when properly cleaned and rested between uses. We recommend having a spare filter. You can save money and make your filters last longer by:

  • Soaking the spare filter in solution from six hours to three weeks and allowing it to air dry
  • Creating a new solution and switching filters every two months
  • Hosing off the filter that has been in the cartridge cleaning solution

The best way to maintain a single filter:

  • Hose down your filter to remove large debris
  • Avoid washing filters in the dishwasher
    • Causes excessive foaming
    • Shortens filter life
  • Clean the filter properly every few weeks with a filter cleaning solution

When it’s time to service your hot tub, make sure you’re working with a hot tub professional who is experienced, has passed a rigorous exam, regularly continues their education and has pledged to uphold a code of ethics.

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