How can you take your hot tub to the next level?

It’s true: All on its own, your hot tub is the perfect spot for personal R&R, connecting with your significant other, and partying with friends and family. But you can maximize enjoyment for your family, your friends and yourself with a few accessories you probably never knew existed!

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Adding a cover lifter can make covering and uncovering your hot tub a breeze. It can also keep your cover off the ground — protected from wear and tear. Your hot tub professional can help you find a lifter that fits your budget and is right for the size and shape of your tub.

Aromatherapy Spa Fragrances

Imagine relaxing in a bubbling hot tub after a long day of work amidst the calming scent of jasmine, lavender or rose. Aromatherapy spa fragrances can be added to the water for a temporary scent. Your hot tub professional can help you select products that won’t alter your water chemistry.

Wireless Floating Speakers

If you don’t have an outdoor speaker system in your backyard, you can bring music to your next hot tub party with a wireless floating speaker. These devices float on the water and connect wirelessly to an audio output via Bluetooth.

Drink Holders and Trays

There’s no need to get out of the hot tub and dry off in order to grab a snack or drink. Drink holders and trays are available to either float in the water or attach to the side of your hot tub.

Hot Tub LED Lights

Whether you’re looking to create a serene environment for R&R or set the stage for a party, LED lights can enhance the hot tub experience by adding vibrant color to the water. Today’s LED lights are long lasting and energy efficient, and can provide an extensive range of color possibilities.

After you’re done enhancing your hot tub, see how a little investment can improve your backyard.

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